Liya Hmara
MIALIYA Chief Design Officer


Since 1997 Liya worked on the creation seasonal pret-and-porte collections with using fabrics. Knitting remained like pleasant hobby.
Many years Liya have been knitted just for female relatives and friends and only in 2015 when yarn won indefinitely, Liya launched her own label «Liya Hmara».


Already in 2016 she took over as chief designer of the company MIALIYA.
Her peculiarity of the author’s hand — is a cautiously and unexpected cut and combination of colors and textures.


«I create new fashion «urban chic». That’s the way I see young and constant hurrying city residents».


Liya likes to create clothes “with a view”, when it is possible to convert one form to another. Enjoy playing in these transformations, discovering new facets.

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